NSA e Google

5 02 2010

Non ha importanza che Google utilizzi o meno i nostri dati (parole ricercate, email, gusti musicali, preferenze sui video, documenti office gestiti online, …) per fini di marketing o altro….

La cosa inquietante è quello che può fare un governo con l’incredibile montagna di dati personali che transitano via internet e, soprattutto, attraverso Google e pochi altri grandi attori (yahoo, microsoft, facebook, ..)….

Questa notizia, che copio e incollo da una delle migliore riviste online sulla tecnologia (ie The Inquirer), è particolarmente interessante perchè ci ricorda come una agenzia di spionaggio quale la NSA (National Security Agency) abbia la possibilità di accedere incondizionatamente ai dati trattati da Google e soci. Alla faccia del Grande Fratello…

/// from The Inquirer ///

NSA muscles in on Google’s Chinese attacks

Google enlists NSA for probing
Friday, 5 February 2010, 12:28

GOOGLE HAS enlisted the muscle of the US National Security Agency (NSA) to explore the alleged Chinese hack attacks, which have been all the rage of the past few weeks.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is still the only company out of 20 that it publicly claimed were targeted by Chinese hackers after posting a blog to say it would stop restricting censorship results on Google.cn.

Google has backtracked and is looking for a get out clause from its initial knee jerk statement. It has since announced it is working with China to find a workable system but the company is also “working with the relevant US authorities” to find out where exactly the attacks were generated from.

That said, Google and the NSA won’t be drawn any further on the exact workings of the relationship.

In keeping with its shadowy roots, all an NSA spokeswoman would say was: “The NSA is not able to comment on specific relationships we may or may not have with US companies. The NSA works with a broad range of commercial partners and research associates to ensure the security of the government’s national security computer networks.”

Apparently Google and the NSA – the most power surveillance organisation on the planet – had clandestine meetings to draft a cooperative research and development agreement. This means the NSA could have a butchers at some of Google’s breached data. µ

/// From The Inquirer ///




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